Wimborne Kindergarten

Frequently Asked Questions

How will my child be assessed?

Progress and Assessment Records

Parents or carers can discuss their child’s progress with their key worker and have access to their child’s Tapestry on-line journal at any time. Parents are also encouraged too add to their child's journal. We also have parent consultation appointments in the last three weeks of every term. We welcome all our parent/carers to spend a morning with us, this gives you an opportunity to see how the Kindergarten operates and to watch your child interact with their peers.

What is the fire procedure?

Fire Precautions

The Kindergarten has regular fire drills - at least 2 each term. The children are taught the procedures to follow on hearing the alarm, which is a continuous bell.

What is the admissions policy?

Admissions policy

It is our policy to:

• Make the Kindergarten accessible to children and families from all sections of the local community;

• Be flexible about attendance patterns so as to accommodate the needs of individual children and families;

• Admit children when they become of age, and spaces are available. If we are full they are put on our waiting list and informed when spaces become available.

Where do I park?


Parking outside our gate is discouraged as this is the only entrance for emergency vehicles, and vehicles blocking it may endanger life. Traffic Wardens visit on a regular basis.

You are also asked to avoid driving up school lane at busy times of the day. Please ask us for a parking permit for Westfield Car Park/Allen View Car Park cost £5 per school year. This allows you 20 minutes free parking to bring children to Kindergarten and to collect them.

What are the fees?


Fees are charged for the younger children not receiving the government grant. Details of current fees are available on request.

Fees are payable in advance on a weekly, monthly or half-termly basis.

Payment is for sessions booked. Missed sessions must be paid for and four weeks notice must be given to cancel booked sessions.

If funded children use their entire grant with another provider, our current session rate will be charged.